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Looking for the best accountant in Bankstown?

Things you need to look at the accountant in bankstown before engaging:

Data Security and Confidentiality:

Confidentiality and data security is one of the most important thing for consideration when you engage an accountant for your financial matters. Most noteworthy, you are sharing all your personal details with your engaged accountant. So, they have full access to your confidential data which are very sensitive! At Accountants Point, we take very special care about your data security and confidentiality. And we use very secured private server to main a highly protected network which has been established as per the guidelines of Australian Taxation Office. We can assure you that your data is fully secured with strict confidentiality.

Compliant & Resolutions:

A professional accountant should have a proper process of handling the customers complaints. They should be sincere to resolve the customers complaints. Do you find your accountant as sincere as you want to resolve any issue? Have you ever experienced any third party and / or departmental involvement to resolve any issues you had with your accountant? We take customers complaints very seriously and do not compromised with our service standards. We have an independent complaints resolutions team who are working very carefully with our customers about any issues they have.

Offshore Vs Onshore

In order to save money, most of the accountants are sending your privacy information and works to off shores. Are you comfortable with that? Do you think that you are secured by overseas data communication mediums? Operations of Accountants Point are Australian based. Therefore, we never send any of our works overseas. So that you can have peace of mind regarding your works which are handled by professional Australian experts.


Price plays a big role when clients choose Accountant in Bankstown. Many accountants publish attractive prices to fish customers. But, right services have right prices. Expert and experienced accountant have their own values, they are not overpriced neither cheap. In addition, you can not get honey for the price of water. Therefore, you need to find if your accountant is charging you the right price for the right services provided.

Service Quality:

Everyone has a service expectation from the engaged professional. Financial and Taxation matters are always complex for general people to manage. Hence, people engage professionals to deal with these. Are you getting the promised services from your accountant in bankstown?

However, you can check the following attributes to compare: a. SENSE OF ETHICS b. EMPHASIZING ACCURACY c. ACCOUNTABILITY d. TEAM WORK e. TRUSTWORTHINESS AND RELIABILITY f. INDUSTRY SKILLS g. MANAGEMENT SKILLS h. CONTINIOUS PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT i. COMMITMENT TOWARDS CLIENTS GOALS j. COMMUNICATION SKILLS Do all these skills go with proper economics, business and people needs? Accountants Point cares about its clients’ needs and maintain a very high quality service standards. Service quality has never been compromised by our team of experts.

Why Accountants Point is the best accountant in bankstown?

Being a company with the long-standing experience, we are confident to stand out among other competing accounting firms in Lakemba. Our skilled and hard-working team is highly proud to be able to help you optimize your tax, build wealth and protect your assets. We offer a wide range of excellent services from business consultancy, tax advisory, tax assessments and returns, financial advisory and audit. Above all, we listen to your needs and concerns. In conclusion, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. Working with our clients gets results, therefore, we are:

Tax Advisory Firm of the Year 2019

Best SMSF & Accounting Firm of the Year 2018

Auditor of the Year 2018 and 2019 (Finalists)

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"A1 Financial Services Group not only professional but extremely prompt at completing our audit. Engaging them is so easy via online!!! I have used many auditors over the past 6 years but none have been so easy, efficient and compliant to deal with. I am very satisfied with the service they offer and provide. I will be using them continually each year going forward. Thanks A1FSG "
Penny Kioussis
"I am thrilled with the services that Accountants Point provides to our family business, We have been clients of Accountants Point for several years now dating back to 2012 . With owning and operating several business we look to him for strategic planning and long term solutions. Not only are their services of value, but their vast network of clients and relationships acts as a resource to our business. They simply connect us to the right people for our business needs. We are looking forward to grow our business with them for years to come"
Chris Mathew